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"With one final swipe, the mighty dragon Hooktail has fallen. His head fell lifelessly onto the cold hard ground, and out of its mouth popped out Niri, and she was holding the World Key. The dragon had swallowed the magic key, to keep anyone from finding it. Luckily, if the heroes had taken just a bit longer to defeat Hooktail, poor Niri might have perished before she found it!"
The bard holding a golden key sighed in relief while the three other party members helped her up while they looked to a gigantic double door.
"As the World Key is placed in the key hole, the doors of the Great Palace opens to reveal a brand new world, unlike our heroes have ever seen before..." Clarissa closed her notebook and everything returned to normal. "Well, that's probably a good time to stop. New worlds aren't just made in a day!" She gleefully said.

"That was amazing." Katie said, filled with excitement. "Man, that Ring of Jumping +20 really came in handy! It almost felt like I was flying!"

"Yeah, lucky you..." Naomi said. "I barely got to do anything... I got eaten in the last three boss fights in the last three sessions!"

"Yeah... how about that?" Clarissa said, acting slightly shifty. "Well, I should have everything ready by tomorrow night. Let me just bring you back to normal, and we can get ready for bed." Clarissa waved her fingers and the four players started growing from the size of miniatures to their regular heights.

"Well, good night..." Kevin said. "I have to say, that was probably the best session we had yet."

"Don't worry, Naomi. I''m sure you'll have better luck tomorrow..." Olivia replied as they went off to the bedrooms. Clarissa had luckily planned ahead and conjured up three spare rooms.

"Can I set up my inflatable bed in there?" Naomi said. "It's... just really comfy... I like it better than the bed in the room." Clarissa nodded and Naomi grabbed her bag and went off to the spare room.

Katie excitedly skipped into the bedroom and immediately changed into her nightpiece. "Man, having magical items felt amazing! How do you get used to that?"

Clarissa shrugged as she took off her corset and got into her Star Wars themed pajama pants. "It's a secret to everybody." She said as she put on a random shirt.

Katie was still pumped. "Well, I wanna learn some of the magic you do!"

Clarissa was taken aback at her bold request. "You... do?" Katie nodded. "I don't know, Katie... you don't know Latin..."

"Well, there has to be something that doesn't have any Latin!" Katie said, still hopeful.

Clarissa crossed her arms. "I don't know... you haven't exactly proven yourself with magic... you did send yourself to the dream world for two days... and then there's the matter of turning me into a boat."

"To be fair, you deserved that." Katie said.

"You're not helping your case at all." Clarissa replied, unamused.

"Come on, pleeeeease?" Katie begged.

"I don't know..." Clarissa thought for a moment. "Well... there are some rune signs that we could try out."

"I'm great at drawing!" Katie said excitedly. "Pleeeeeeease? I'll keep begging all night if I have to..."

Clarissa considered for a long moment, then sighed. "Alright, fine..." Katie jumped and cheered with joy.

Clarissa opened the closet and brought out three blocks of wood and a piece of chalk. "Okay, we'll just start with something simple." She said as she flipped through her spell book. "Draw this symbol on them, and those blocks of wood will grow." Katie took the chalk and carefully copied down the symbol on the chalk. It was actually pretty intricate and complicated, and it took a few moments to copy it perfectly. Once Katie finished the symbol, Clarissa nodded in approval. "Alright, to activate it, just place your hands on it and shout, surgamus!" Katie raised an eyebrow. "Relax, that's just Latin for start." Clarissa replied. You can memorize one word, can't you?"

Katie put her hand on the wood. "Surgamus!" For a second, nothing happened, then in the blink of an eye, the small plank of wood grew to the length of the room! "I did it!" Katie said, excitedly. "I actually used magic!"

"Good work." Clarissa smiled. She turned to another page in the spell book. "Now, draw this one, and that plank of wood will shrink." Katie carefully drew on the plank of wood. Once she was done, she slammed her hand on the wood. "Surgamus!" After another brief pause, the plank of wood shrank back to normal.

"Good job." Clarissa said. "If you don't know the rune that will reverse the effect, just say the word, 'expungo.' That'll cancel out all the spells you wrote on the target." Clarissa yawned. "Feel free to practice that a couple more times... I'm going to sleep. I've still got to plan the next session..." Clarissa hopped into her bed, and she fell fast asleep.

Katie practiced the spell on the planks of wood a few more times, but after a couple hours she grew bored of growing the board and shrinking it again. "This is boring... I wish I had something else to try this out on..."

Clarissa was moving around in her sleep. "Mmm...Whoops... you failed your save, Naomi..." She mumbled. "The beautiful witch picks you up and gives you a taste..." Clarissa smacked her lips. "Mmm... so sweet... blue raspberry..." Clarissa fell back asleep, as if nothing happened. Katie suddenly got a brilliant idea...

The door to the guest room opened with a creak. The only thing in the room was the inflatable bed, and Naomi sleeping on top. She let out a loud snore in response. Katie tiptoed into the room as the door closed. Naomi snored again as the door latched shut. Katie pulled out the magic chalk and Clarissa's spell book. She was about to turn on the light, but she suddenly stopped. She figured that Naomi wouldn't be willing to be a magical guinea pig...

Katie pulled off Naomi's covers, revealing a pink tank-top and red panties that Naomi was wearing as sleepwear. She was sleeping on her side. Katie pulled Naomi's sleeping form onto her back. Her belly was the perfect spot to draw her runes on. Unfortunately, it was too dark for Katie to read the spell book. She turned to the bookmarked page. Katie assumed that the size-changing magic would be her favorite. Of course, it would help if she could actually read the pages...

Katie made a small mark on Naomi's belly to test if it would work. Sure enough, the chalk left a small glowing mark. Naomi briefly stirred as she felt the chalk on her bare stomach. Katie sighed in relief as she tried her best to copy the intricate symbols. Once Katie was done, she saw that Naomi was still fast asleep, and there was still plenty of room on her belly. Katie started copying more runes. Ones that seemed interesting. Luckily for her, Naomi was still fast asleep, snoring relatively loudly. Once Katie was finished, there were three inactive runes on Naomi. Katie wasn't sure what they did, but there was one way to find out. "Surgamus!" Katie slapped Naomi's belly, which resulted in a huge flash of light, and Naomi squealing awake.

"W-Why'd you wake me up?" The symbols had disappeared into her skin. "That really hurt..." Naomi said, rubbing her belly.

"Oh..." Katie paused. "Well, I wanted to practice magic, and you were just sleeping there... I might've cast a couple spells on you..." Katie said, smiling disarmingly.

Naomi just listened to her explanation and then she gave Katie a nasty glare. "You did... what?"

Meanwhile, Clarissa shuddered in her sleep. She suddenly felt a surge of magical energy which woke her up. The first thing that she noticed was that both Katie and her spell book were gone. "Oh... I've got a bad feeling about this..." Clarissa yawned as she slowly got out of bed. She was idly walking around, half awake, looking for Katie. She heard some sort of commotion happening in the guest room. Clarissa opened the door, checking each of the rooms that she enchanted. Olivia was asleep, Kevin... wanted privacy. Of course, the only one left was... Clarissa sighed.

Clarissa opened the door and turned on the light. Naomi was pouting angrily as she sat on Katie's back while Katie was struggling to get her off. "Oh, hey, Clarissa... you're awake..."

"Katie... what did you do?"

"Oh... I wanted to practice my magic on something else. She didn't like that." Naomi hopped and slammed her butt onto Katie's back in response. Katie moaned in pain. "Ooo... she's really heavy... can you get her off?"

"Why did come in here? You shouldn't have bothered her like that!"

"Well, you were mumbling about how you liked how she tastes, and I wanted to try."

Naomi suddenly stopped. "Wait, you actually shrunk me down and ate me?" She got off of Katie and glared at Clarissa.

"N-No! I don't talk in my sleep..." Clarissa said, flustered a bit. Naomi wouldn't listen to her excuses. She leaped at Clarissa and knocked her over. "Katie, what did you do? And get her off me!"

"Well, I just copied these runes onto her..." Katie said, holding her spell book open.

"Katie. Show me those runes." Clarissa said, trying to force the attacking Naomi off her. Katie held the spell book right next to her. Clarissa managed to throw Naomi off her to the side, and Clarissa took the spell book. "Katie, this is a rage spell! That's why Naomi's acting..."

"Angry?" Katie said, as she tried to hold off Naomi.

"Like a deranged maniac." Clarissa replied, "That was the only one you used, right?"

Katie had a sheepish look on her face. "Um..."

Clarissa was unamused. "Katie. Which other ones did you use?"

"I used the one a couple pages forward..."

Clarissa flipped to the page that she directed. "Might... well, that can't be right, if that were true, then her eyes would be..."

Naomi growled and her eyes were filled with a mystical green flame. "I'm going to make you pay for this, Clarissa!"

"Oh, there it is." Clarissa said, turning back, only slightly concerned. "Is there anything else you used on her, Katie?"

"Just the shrinking rune you showed me. The one on the right." Katie said, still holding the violent Naomi at bay.

Clarissa flipped to the page, and then her eyes widened in horror. "Katie. The shrinking rune is on the left."

Katie was shocked. "Oh... if the shrinking was on the left, then... what was the one on the right?"

Naomi stopped her fighting, and she clutched her body. Clarissa and Katie were thrown together as Naomi's body started filling the room. There was a thunderous crash as Naomi's feet crashed through the door, and her head crashed through the roof. Once Naomi reached her new height, she had burst through the roof of the entire building. Naomi let out a gigantic scream filled with rage at the night sky.

Meanwhile, Clarissa and Katie were nestled in the growing girl's breasts. "Congratulations, Katie. You just created a giant monster. What are you going to do next?"

Katie just sighed in shame. "Okay, I'm sorry. You can fix this, right?"

"Don't worry, I'll think of something." Clarissa said. "I just need my spell book... which was in the guest room." Clarissa motioned down to the building with the huge hole where their room used to be.

"Well, that's not a problem, right?" Katie replied, optimistically. "We just have to sneak down Naomi's body and..."

Suddenly, both girls were plucked out of Naomi's cleavage. "There you are!" Naomi shouted. "Look at you! You're so small! Bite-sized even! Since you enjoyed eating me, I'm going to eat you now! Say goodbye, Clarissa!" Naomi lifted both girls over her head and dangled them over her open mouth.

Both girls stared down into the giant Naomi's maw. Katie smiled sheepishly at the clearly angry Clarissa. "You know, I don't think runes are my thing either..."

Naomi dropped Clarissa and Katie on her awaiting tongue and both girls were brought into her mouth. She swirled the two of them around her mouth, she was enjoying their faint struggles and their tastes. It tasted like sweet payback. Once Naomi got bored of the two of them, she tilted her head backwards and swallowed them both. She felt them as they went down her throat and into her generous stomach. Of course, Naomi wasn't just satisfied with just them... she was still hungry... she felt the urge to rampage!

Naomi kicked down the front of the building and moved onto the streets. Even though it was already past midnight, there were still several people around at this time. Naomi punched some of the buildings and started eating parts of them, along with helpless people caught inside them. Sure, the buildings didn't taste too good, but they were filling. While she was tearing off pieces of the skyscrapers and ate from them, she felt a one car slam into her heel. Naomi growled in pain as she saw the driver of the car flee. She picked up the car and simply swallowed it whole.

Naturally, the people weren't just going to let Naomi rampage throughout the city. The police set up barricades and they started firing at the giantess. Naomi didn't even feel their gun fire. They didn't even break her skin. Naomi kicked aside the barricades and picked up their police cars and ate them. Some helicopters started circling around her head. Naomi tried reaching for them, but they were just out of reach. One helicopter eventually flew too close, and Naomi snatched it out of the air. She bit off the top. The terrified pilot tried to jump, but Naomi ate the rest of it first.

Meanwhile, inside Naomi's stomach, Clarissa and Katie were just sitting across from each other, trying to stay away from the digestive juices and the falling rubble constantly entering Naomi's stomach. "So, you're sure that you don't have a spell to get us out of here?"

Clarissa shook her head. "I don't have my spell book, and thanks to that Might spell someone cast on her..." She said, glaring at Katie. "There isn't a spell that I can use that would even phase her. Even if she didn't, anything I'd throw at her would be as powerful as a bee sting."

Katie sighed. "Well, there has to be a few spells you can cast without it!"

Clarissa thought for a moment. "Yes, actually, there's a couple. The first option is that I cast an inflation spell on you, and then we float out of here."

Katie groaned. "I don't like that one."

"Oh, I don't know... I think you'd look cute like that." Clarissa teased. "You'd be like some sort of inflatable piggy!" Katie glared at her, unamused. "The other option is I cast the Reformation spell on both of us, and after she digests us, we wake up in what's left of our homes with bad memories."

"Eep... I don't like that one either!" Katie said with a much more fearful tone.

"You think I wanna do that plan? No!" Clarissa yelled. "It took me weeks to get these pajamas..." Clarissa flinched as more things entered the stomach. "Geeze... how much of the city is she going to eat?"

"I'm surprised with how roomy it is in here." Katie said. "It's actually quite nice..."

Clarissa looked at her oddly, and then she sighed. "Unless we can figure something out, I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time in here." Suddenly, smaller things started falling into Naomi's stomach. Some of them fell close to the girls. Something suddenly hit Clarissa in the head. "Ouch... what is this?" Clarissa took a good look at what hit her. "A box of cereal? Bread?"

"Naomi must be raiding a grocery store..." Katie said. Suddenly, someone else fell nearby them. He was dressed in a uniform of the local grocery store. "She wouldn't stop eating! She grabbed me with the food! We're all going to die!" The poor clerk ran away screaming.

"Yep, she definitely raided a grocery store." Clarissa said, with a deadpan tone.

"Wait a minute! If she ate everything in the grocery store..." Katie looked among the groceries that had come down. "Yes! There's soda in here! We just have to pour it all out, and once she gets gassy from it, we can ride the burp out of here!"

Clarissa considered that plan for a second. "Hmm... that could actually work! But one bottle of soda isn't going to make a giantess burp."

"Well, this can't be the only bottle in here!" Katie looked around and got a handful of bottles as she emptied them all onto the ground.

"That'll take too long." Clarissa gathered some magical energy in her hand and whispered into it. "Psst... Naomi..."

Naomi was busy sitting down, gnawing on another skyscraper when she heard the disembodied whispering. "Wha? Who's there?" She shouted.

"Destroying all those buildings is thirsty work, isn't it?"

"Uh... yeah... I am pretty thirsty..." Naomi said.

"Go to the soda factory... they've got enough soda to satisfy someone as big as you!"

"Yeah..." Naomi stood up and started walking again, crushing everything in her path.

Clarissa chuckled as she dismissed the spell. "I think that spell has made her not so bright... now we wait..."

Naomi tore the roof off the soda brewery and the first thing she grabbed was the tank of soda. She ripped off the top and started downing the tank of soda. Almost immediately, the soda came pouring down inside her stomach. The soda started pooling up and bubbling at the girls's feet. "Oh, ew... that's definitely enough soda." Of course, Naomi was not satisfied until she had drunk every single tank of soda dry.

"Okay, I think it's time to get out of here..." Clarissa said, wading in the pond of soda.

"Um... if it's okay with you, I'd rather you didn't inflate me... I'd rather not have to hold you precariously over a lake of soda and digestive fluids."

Clarissa winced. "Fair point..." Clarissa looked around for something else. "How about that car? It's barely damaged." Clarissa pointed to a nice looking blue car. It was only slightly crushed, and a door was missing. Clarissa and Katie hopped inside. "All I have to do is levitate this so then Naomi's burp will send us up and out of here. Don't bother me, or else it won't work." Katie fastened the seat belts for both of them as Clarissa focused. The car creaked and groaned as it slowly rose into the air.

Meanwhile, Naomi had finished drinking all the soda and she started returning to the town. She started feeling something gurgling deep within her. She stopped to rub her belly, to ease the feeling.

Clarissa rose the car higher and higher, until she couldn't anymore. "Not... sure... how... long... I... can... hold... this..." Clarissa couldn't concentrate much longer and she let go, but without warning, they flew back up to the stomach's opening and back up her throat. Naomi let out a loud and deafening belch! The car they were in went flying back out of her mouth and back into town. Clarissa and Katie held on tightly to the seat, screaming as they sailed through the night sky. The car finally landed in the wreckage of their apartment as the airbags deployed.

"Thank goodness for safety procedures..." Katie replied. The girls climbed up and out of the car.

"Okay, we have to find that spell book..." Clarissa searched among the wreckage, but then she finally unearthed the spell book. "Okay, so here's the plan. The only way we can hope to stop Naomi now, is to deactivate the runes powering her up. Where did you put those runes again?"

"On her belly."

Clarissa thought for a moment. "Okay, then we'll have to get to Naomi's belly to deactivate them."

"But how are we going to get up there without her noticing?" Katie asked.

"Don't worry... I'll have a way." Clarissa said, flipping through her spell book. She walked away from the wrecked building, held it up, and started chanting. Once she gathered enough magical power, she shouted, "Crescere me constituo!" Clarissa started growing, and growing until she was as tall as Naomi was. She gently picked up Katie. "Alright, just sit tight... this could get bumpy." She gently nestled her in her cleavage as she searched for Naomi.

She finally found her, crushing some more cars. "Hey, fattie!" Clarissa shouted to get her attention. Naomi looked her way, and then growled. "Come get some." Clarissa beckoned her over.

"How did you get out of my belly?" Naomi shouted. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. I'm going to crush you!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Clarissa got ready for a fight. Naomi started charging toward her. Clarissa dodged at the last second and tripped Naomi. Naomi tumbled right into the street. "You're all brawn like this. No brains." Clarissa taunted.

Naomi growled again and uprooted a building and threw it at Clarissa's face. The sudden attack caught Clarissa off guard and she staggered backwards a bit. Naomi got up and punched Clarissa in the gut and pushed her into another skyscraper. Clarissa brushed the rubble off her as she got up. "Geeze... she hits like a truck..."

Clarissa's train of thought was interrupted by an actual train nearly hitting her in the head. Naomi had intercepted a group of cable cars and chucked them at Clarissa. Clarissa blocked them with her back hand. "Okay, enough!" Clarissa conjured a magical barrier that when the car hit it, sent it right back at Naomi. The car hit her in the head. Naomi growled and ran at her again. "No more tricks!" Naomi broke through the barrier and knocked Clarissa aside. Before she could get up, Naomi slammed down on her. "I'm strong now... stronger than you, and stronger than your magic! Now there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

Clarissa struggled. "Maybe... or maybe I'm just setting you up..." Clarissa suddenly pinched Naomi's side, and she let out an all too familiar squeal. Clarissa tackled Naomi and hovered over her. "Katie, now!"

At the signal, Katie leaped from her perch and started free falling toward Naomi's belly. She held out her hand and shouted, "Expungo!" As soon as Katie landed, a surge of energy was released from Naomi's belly. Luckily for Katie, Naomi's fat made the perfect landing pad. The flame in Naomi's eyes went out and her expression softened.

"H-Huh?" Naomi said, back to her normal, submissive tone. "W-Where am I? What happened?" Naomi sat up in the middle of the ransacked city. Suddenly, she clutched her groaning stomach. "Ooh... I don't feel so good..." Naomi moaned as she slowly shrunk back to her normal size.

"Don't worry, everything's going to be fine..." Clarissa gently said as she picked up both Naomi and Katie and walked back to their apartment building. Clarissa set them both down and she shrank down back to her normal size as well.

"So... Clarissa..." Katie said. "I'm sorry for... doing magic without your permission... and I'm sorry for turning you into a giant monster, Naomi."

Naomi couldn't answer, because she was still holding her upset tummy. "Oh, I forgive you." Clarissa said as she flipped through her spell book. "In fact, I'm going to teach you another spell!"

Katie hopped and clapped. "Ooh, yay! What's this spell going to be?"

Clarissa pointed to the page in her book. "This is the cleanup spell. Learn it." She said, clearly still angry.

Katie took the spell book and groaned. Before she could complain, Clarissa gave her a death glare that intimidated her into silence. Katie started chanting, with Clarissa correcting her on her pronunciation each time. She finished the spell by shouting, 
"Tempus e converso, removere memoriae!" Everything suddenly flashed white.

When their sight returned, Clarissa, Katie and Naomi were all in the living room of their apartment, now completely repaired. Katie and Clarissa sat up. "So that's it, then?"

Clarissa beckoned over to Naomi, sleeping and snoring, like nothing happened. "It's all over. And the only one who'll remember any of this is the two of us."

Katie sighed in relief. "Well, you have to admit, I did a pretty good job out there."

"You sure did." Clarissa replied. "You managed to solve this problem... that you caused." Before Katie could object, Clarissa took her spell book, and locked it. She opened her mouth and dropped the key inside and swallowed. "We're not going to go through this again."

Katie was confused. "Um... don't you think you'll need that?"

"I could always use magic to unlock it. If you want it so badly, you can always go in and get it..." She patted her belly, looking at Katie with a mischievous smirk. Clarissa yawned. "We'll discuss this more in the morning."

"Um, Clarissa... it is morning." Katie said, pointing to the sunrise just outside the window. The entire city was back to normal as well, as if nothing ever happened.

Clarissa groaned. "We hardly got any sleep... I'm exhausted... too tired to walk back to bed..." Clarissa fell forward and collapsed on top of Naomi. Her head was resting on Naomi's belly like a pillow.

"Aww... that's so..." Katie yawned and collapsed backwards on top of Clarissa. The three girls fell fast asleep.

Almost instantly, the door to the guest room unlocked, and Kevin came out stretching. He stopped once he saw the three girls sleeping on top of each other. Not long after that, Olivia came out of her own version of the guest room and stopped right next to Kevin. The two of them were completely oblivious to what happened.

"Um... what is this?" Olivia replied, gesturing to the three girls.

"No idea." Kevin simply replied. 

They both stared for a little while longer. Olivia stretched and left. "I'm going to freshen up."

Kevin pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the three girls. "I'm setting this as my new wallpaper..." He said, walking back to the guest room with a grin.
Hmm... should I do the mature tag here, too?

Oh, look! A description! This magnificent piece was part of an art trade with Avery-Hillpeak! ...Don't look at me that way, writing totally is art! Grump 

Anyways, this involves his character, Clarissa. And once again, InflatablePiggy128's character Katie. And not at all because I'm getting back at him for that spider part in one of his stories with the same characters.CURSE YOU! 

Anyways, Clarissa really likes shrinking and eating Naomi whenever they meet. It's because she's the tastiest thing ever. Because she cooks the tastiest things ever. (Don't worry. She gets better. :D) This has been going on so long, that I really, really, wanted to turn the tables on her. :evillaugh: Also, Avery wanted a giantess rampage, and I believe that he was not disappointed. :D Mostly because he kept tabs on me when I gave him the link to the stash version... >_<

Anyways, hope you enjoy this, too! I'd like to think that it wasn't too bad, so you guys that don't have a thing for this stuff will hopefully enjoy this too! I don't want anyone to get left out.

Oh, and if you want to see his half of the trade, here you go! It's the same thing as the preview image, but he was nice enough to crop some of it just for me! ^_^
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I really enjoyed this! It was a great story, it moved at a good pace
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